LinkedIn Sorted,
with Elevate

Friday 29th November 1000-1130
The Curious Lounge, Reading

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How long have you been saying “I need to sort out my LinkedIn” for? A dated CV style bio. Sporadic at best presence. The grainy profile pic…

We hid behind robot-like profile pages too. Cringing at the thought of bringing our real selves to what we’d seen as a sales-y, dry, grey suit networking platform. The result? None (other than clients sliding off our pages faster than Bambi on ice).

We’re here to change that with you. In LinkedIn Sorted, we’ll show you how to:

  •  transform your LinkedIn profile
  •  build your positioning
  • reshape your targeting

Together, we’ll unlock the potential of this brilliant community and attract the right clients for your business.  We may even have a special guest who uses her 11k + connections to change the world.

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